How Thumbscript Works

The unique idea behind Thumbscript is that the keypad can be seen as a simple 9 pixel drawing tablet.

Just connect the dots to draw letters:

On pen or touchpad devices draw letters from START to STOP. Tap once for commands. (For phones and keypads, press START then STOP and double press same key for commands.) Julie Streitelmeier of The-Gadgeteer.com says, "I was able to memorize the actual letters A thru Z pretty quickly and was using the [Feather Touch Input] device to write short sentences in Microsoft Word within 10mins or so."

The Complete Thumbscript Key:

Alphabet Key


1.   Letters A-Z Start and Stop on the outer points of the keypad or 9-dot target.
2.   All letters go from top to bottom, or from left to right. (Reverse for Punctuation and symbols.)
3.   The vowels E,I,O,U are drawn with a straight line through the center.

Now you try it!

(Please give Java time to load.)

Also download FREE software and information. Please join Friends of Thumbscript to receive a more information on this universal text input system for all kinds of gadgets!

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